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ExI Principles and Values

Exponential Individuals (ExI) is made up of a group of global leaders, authors, and human transformation enthusiasts who are focused on assisting people across the globe evolve their way of being into one that encourages individual authenticity, community collaboration & care, deep healing, and a sense of interconnected responsibility to create a better future for all. 


Our moonshot is to help 1 billion individuals by 2040 summon the power that lies within themselves to live more fulfilled lives. We serve as a catalyst to make self-awareness, human optimization and collective betterment universal.

Playing at the intersection of exponential technologies and elevating consciousness, Exponential Individuals is set to become the leading global ecosystem for human transformation solutions & community support.

As we learn how to be in this world fully, whole-heartedly, and with a present mind, we will experience deep transformation in our lives. It is our duty to pay it forward and help transform the lives of others so they too can experience inner freedom, fulfillment and abundance.

We are never better-than

We simply are ever-evolving individuals


These general principles are established with the purpose to ensure the ethical, fair and socially responsible conduct of the team & community members of the Exponential Individual Initiative..

These principles provide the basis for an ethical and fair conduct and enable members to act in a responsible and sustainable manner. They serve as a guide for everyday actions, and deliverables we put out into the world and may be regularly reviewed and redefined through community voting.


Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP)

Making self-awareness, human optimization and collective betterment universal

1. Freedom of Inner-Exploration
The ExI Initiative is a “no teach & no preach” zone. We encourage the exploration of an ever-evolving landscape of knowledge, from scientific research to ancient wisdom, to tools, techniques, technologies and belief systems that support transcending one’s limited self into a being that is fully ‘alive’ and living aligned to purpose. We believe in preserving & honoring ancient wisdom to live well, healthy and long. We embrace developments in modern science and technology to catalyze the awareness needed to fully explore our inner world and drive impactful change in the world.

2. Purposeful Action

Purpose comes from a lifelong journey of deep self-awareness. ExI members believe in an ever-evolving life of purpose. In our everyday behavior, we stay open to exploration of the self through habituating stillness, reflection, gratitude & purposeful action. All interactions by members should reflect one’s authenticity. There should be genuine care of the consequences of one’s actions on mankind, animals and the environment.


3. Preservation of Nature

ExI members are conscious of the need for regeneration of our environment and are considerate in their use of resources. ExI members ensure that any solutions they create are mindful of preserving the climate and nature through their personal behavior and communal actions.



4. Mutual Respect and Appreciation for All Paths

At the ExI Initiative, we treat each other with integrity in an open and respectful way. We expect all members to contribute to such culture while ExI ensures the conditions for this. Discrimination will not be tolerated. ExI promotes the protection of and compliance with human rights while acceptance of diverse values is essential.

Community events will always observe the concerns for public welfare and communicate civic responsibilities to participants in accordance with local laws. We further adhere to the principles of fair trade and competition supporting and respecting the intellectual property of our peers, our clients, our competitors and our business partners.

5. Active Listening

Test this hypothesis in every group discussion – “It’s often the quietest ones in the room, with the most well-rounded thoughts, and boldest ideas.” Often there are always the usual suspects who steal the spotlight, this is great as all are welcome to contribute; however, we need to remain mindful of allowing ways to exist where those who don’t like the spotlight can share their views for consideration by the community. Even if he/she does not present them in front of the entire group, we need to ensure that there are ways by which these thoughts are allowed to be expressed.

6. Every Challenge Requires an Entrepreneurial Spirit

That’s Hungry for Solutions

When something is not ok, whether it is a relationship conflict, confusion as we live more in surrender or we hit a roadblock in life/work/love/energy, what does an ExI do? We energetically shift it. Some of us may voice it. Some of us may heal it in silence. However, we are of the mindset and heartset that if there is something off, there is something we can learn from it and something we can do to resolve it for the better. Hence we live with a solutions mind-set and encourage anyone who feels strongly that something should be done differently to be the change, don’t just want it. How? By offering one or more solutions to tackle the challenge, or energetically manifest healing and guidance or by conveying an opinion in a respectful and constructive manner to influence the individual/team/community towards something better. We can also agree to disagree, in which case multiple ideas can be tested, or relationships can be mended by amicably coming to a mutually beneficial agreement on how to move forward.

7. Aligned Action and Accountability

ExI members are committed to delivering solutions to make “self awareness and human optimization the norm”, pivoting ideas when necessary while always staying true to ExI’s principles & purpose. They are empowered, driven individuals who hold themselves accountable to their commitments within the initiative and are open & honest if they can not follow through.

8. Inclusion, Education and Expansion

ExI is committed to radically inclusive ethics. We believe that transformative change, whether for an individual or in a society, can occur only through the medium of deep personal involvement. Everyone is invited to work. Everyone is invited to develop in pursuit of a more evolved, emotionally intelligent and fairer society and work and life conditions for all parties involved, letting them participate in the process of the build-up and strengthening of the organization. Therefore, all parties with an interest in the development should be involved in the collaborative process that relies on mutual education and the active encouragement to expand the basis of ExI as a global collaborative ecosystem on individuals driven for the greater good.

9. Radical Transparency

Friendship is built on trust. To create trust, you need radical transparency. This means that ExIs act with honesty, empathy, and compassion. They are authentic, straight-up, humble, independent and action-oriented thinkers. Radical transparency helps us live these principles more accurately. We do not use misleading information in regard to the ExI Initiative. It is understood that no act of dishonesty, corruption or similar course of action that might harm ExI’s reputation is ever an option for an ExI team member. Moreover, ExI acts in a politically neutral manner and is not influenced by any external political or economic interest.

10. Assume the Best in Others But Be Discerning

When co-creating with a global community, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, feel misunderstood, get lost in the noise and point fingers; assume the best in others regardless. Show kindness, empathy and practice courage when creating with others. However, be discerning when you sense you or another may be disrespected, taken advantage of or manipulated. In this case being discerning to make a well-rounded decision for the benefit of yourself and/or the community on how to go about the situation. Bad players do exist. Do not be naive. Seek kinship in another community member if you need an opinion on how to proceed. Be there for yourself and others in the community. And never fear asking for a helping hand.

11. Deep Embodiment

It’s easy to paint a picture of what we ideally want to see in the world, and how we expect others to behave but not so easy to show up in the world and treat others in that same manner. Self-improvement and awareness are key to live by the ExI ethos. Be that which you want to see in the world and inspire others through action to transform for the better.

12. The Best of Both Worlds

The Virtual world and the Real world can co-exist beautifully if people create conscious solutions. With the metaverse becoming a predominant topic, the possibilities it presents are endless. What can we do to enable living more fully in the ‘real world’ while benefiting from the evolution into Web3.0 and beyond. We exercise an awareness of the anxiety caused by the attention economy and lack of embodied interpersonal skills and wish to create solutions that steer away from that. Our goal is to create conscious solutions for humanity’s overall well-being, agency and potential using tech where best fitted as an amplifier for it,

13. Collective Betterment

Our reason for being is to be the home for the planetary shift of consciousness – to evolve for the betterment of our own lives and thus influence the collective positively. As more individuals are inspired to embody their unique gifts, and begin to live more fulfilled lives, others too will seek the shift within. This in turn we believe will have a knock on effect on the love, energy and time we  offer to help our fellow ‘brothers & sisters’ out. We believe no one should be left behind. Hence creating a more equitable future to evolve the human spirit into one that can not only accept our individual differences but come together stronger anyway, because of it, to serve in our collective evolution.