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“The ExI co-creators are playing at the intersection of consciousness and technology to birth a wellbeing model that inspires a new way of being. The future holds extraordinary potential for exciting developments at this intersection.”
Salim Ismail
Founder, OpenExO

From the Authors


“Inspired by the book Exponential Organizations, ExI was born in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2021 to help others find their quest for meaning and their journey in life.”

Eric Patel

Self Awareness

"Exponential Individual within, is to make the Self Awareness Map clearer, increase its definition and resolution."

 Marco [MAC] Carvalho


"Once we’ve identified what is important to us we can reverse-engineer what it means to lead a well- lived life in accordance with our values.”

 Philip Earnhart

Starting point

"Where do you start? Well our suggestion is that you start where you are. Take a new step forward.”

 Steven Rodriquez


“The “be positive” movement has counter-produced generations that overlook emotions of discomfort, dismissing the importance of the healing process to be better leaders and live more fulfilled lives.”

Ann Boothello

A Book That Takes You
From Ego to We-go

What Is The ExI Playbook?

By definition, a playbook is a how-to guide designed to give people the foundational framework and tools to make building or understanding a particular topic easier.

In this case, the topic is YOU & WE.

This playbook offers a perspective on the state we as a collective find ourselves in. It suggests that if we start with deepening our understanding of the “self,” and living in a more conscious manner that honors the paths we may often stumble upon on the quest to discover purpose, we will have an impact on those around us through the life we better lead moment by moment. We may just begin to make better choices over time with how we show up at home, in social circles, in our business environments and the wider world. 

Our hope is that it inspires you to summon the courage you need to go within, to find the answers you need. How? By offering you a plethora of stories, tools and strategies that have been experienced by individuals over the years to inspire and help them manifest real change in their lives and thus in the world around them.

What the ExI Playbook is Not

It is not meant to be read from start to finish but rather to inspire you to pick a chapter to ignite curiosity within you on how you can proactively evolve further into your true “self” based on where you are on your personal journey.

It is not meant to be prescriptive but rather suggestive and collaborative, offering pathways for you to look within and become a being of infinite potential.


What People Are Saying

Reading the EXl playbook, it felt to me like a warm bath. Escaping for a moment from the super-fast society where ‘being on all the time’ seems to be the norm, the EXl members did a great job to shift the focus to you (and me). A scream about ‘there is more than (exponential) technologies! A wake-up call. That’s exactly what this playbook is about.
Paul Epping
Xponential/ Unfix

This book talks directly to my heart and brain. Makes me feel really comforted to read that what’s happening to me is happening worldwide. Gives me hope and energy to go forward!
Ricard Gomez
Executive Coach, Leader
& Team Builder
For young people who are discovering self development, your book will act as a nice guide since you have aggregated the most essential concepts about self development and becoming a better version of yourself. What is great about your book is its holistic approach.

Fabrice Testa
author of Super
The Exponential Individual Playbook is an important resource for anyone seeking to live a meaningful life while doing their best work in the world. The authors are the living proof of this.
Sophie Krantz
Global Strategist

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Chapter 1:

The Increasing Need
for Exponential Individuals

On Acceptance vs. Denial

Our perspective on where we’re at & what’s gone wrong.

Inspired by the deep work done by Jamie Wheal and its representation in his latest book Recapture the Rapture, we have come to believe that sugar-coating the things that shake us to our core can only be detrimental to ourselves and thus the collective. By accepting and acknowledging that which we can and cannot change, grieving when we must and helping out when we can, and where we can, we may just be able to experience life in a fuller way, moment by moment

Chapter 2:

Who is an Exponential
Individual (ExI)?

People who show up in a new way of being…

Someone who has habituated accessing and managing their human potential to be their truest selves, moment by moment. Someone who has a knock-on effect on others and the world with or without knowing it, just by stepping into their authenticity. Someone who is in constant exploration, reflection and action aligned to her/his values and purpose(s) to steer her/his life. Someone who is passionate about seeing their loved ones, workmates and society as a whole live more fulfilling lives and experience the greatest version of themselves in their lifetime. Someone who knows they will never know the whole truth of the meaning of life and that that is what keeps us grounded to deeply experience life on earth while we have the time and connected to our fellow brothers and sisters. Someone who is aware of the collective narratives that exist yet not consumed by them and can hold polar viewpoints without being attached to any one. Someone who experiences rest & recovery as a vital activity to create a life of harmony and exponential manifestations for themselves and with others.

Chapter 3:

Life, Death and Consciousness

This is deep.

To know thyself as Socrates believed is the way to learn how to be in the world. We all seek inner freedom, yet many are caught in inner turmoil. When we learn to allow ourselves to be, and that every emotion is meant to be felt in order to be free from it, we learn how to feel more freedom within, free from the shackles of self-judgment. When we realize that we are more than ourselves. Like a giant tapestry each thread a different color, a different shade, some dark and some light, so very many different thread, makes up a masterpiece, and though you can not see it when you’re up close, you can surely see it from a distance when all the pieces have come together to create a beautiful work of art

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The Exponential Individual Playbook Co-Authors

About ExI



Exponential Individuals (ExI) is comprised of a group of global leaders, published authors and human transformation enthusiasts focused on assisting people across the globe evolve their way of being into one that encourages individual authenticity, community collaboration & care, deep healing and a sense of interconnected responsibility to create a better future for all.

Our moonshot is to help 1 billion individuals by 2040 harness the power that lies within themselves to live more fulfilled lives. We serve as a catalyst to make self-awareness, human optimization and collective betterment universal.

Playing at the intersection of exponential technologies and elevating consciousness, Exponential Individuals is set to become the leading global Web3 ecosystem for personalized human transformation solutions and community support.


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