ExI Masterclass

                                    Invest 45 minutes in this interactive virtual event (plus 15 minutes for Q&A) with impact coaches from the ExI community. You will be guided through how to find the courage within yourself along with tools for you to put the insights into action right away in addition to pathways along your journey to becoming an Exponential Individual!
Do you have a defined set of principles/values that you live by? Do you know what it takes on a daily basis to move towards your vision and live your purpose? Defining and committing to a set of principles/values is part of the core foundation of living on purpose. It can help you judge if you are staying true to you. Join Christa and Mac who will share the principles and values of being an exponential individual. Our purpose is to “make self-awareness, human optimization and collective betterment universal” and we believe a guiding set of principles/values is what brings the right people, with the right motives together, to make the even the most seemingly impossible things, possible.
Become a better version of you so you can live your best life now: for you, those you love and this planet we call home.
Join us for our virtual live masterclass!
This is an opportunity to engage with people who are deeply passionate and experienced at helping you uncover and define your purpose: the 1st step in attracting more of what you want to experience in life and bettering your world