ExI Sprint: Your essential transformational journey to becoming exponential

Exponential Individuals Reveal

Join us on Friday July 29, 2022 at the Festival of Consciousness in Barcelona, Spain for the global announcement of all things ExI!

We will be presenting ‘Tapping Into Abundance by Becoming an Exponential Individual’, opening up access to our ExI Sprint Workshop and taking pre-orders for the ExI Playbook!
Exponential Individuals (ExI) was inspired by the best-selling book Exponential Organizations and asked the question: what would an exponential individual look like? What will it take for a person to live an optimized, fulfilling life?

Formed as a joint venture between BostonExO and OpenExO, ExI’s team members residing in over 17 different countries have consistently met for weekly virtual calls since March 2021. ExI is one of the longest running initiatives birthed from an EXOS Economy proposal backed by 100,000 EXOS tokens for its initial tranche.
Some of our current projects include:
  • The ExI Playbook: a hands-on guide for our intended audience to think abundantly and grow exponentially
  • Gamification: our Choose Your Own Adventure game is the digital companion to the ExI Playbook and features an interactive coach who helps you learn how to coach yourself
  • ExI Sprint: inspired by the ExO Sprint our sprint will help individuals to get into an exponential mindset and to start their journey of becoming an Exponential Individual

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