Shape YOUR Life. Shape THE Future. Now.

A collective movement to catalyze a shift in society from a “me” to a “we” way of being. It is time to make a conscious choice to move our focus from “ego to we go!

Ready to become the bravest, truest version of yourself?

Ready to show up in community to serve the greater good?

That’s the path of an exponential individual.

Given the global challenges we are faced with, to truly re-center our lives to be in harmony with all that is, we need to know ourselves well enough and use our unique talents to support the positive evolution of our society, our economies and technological developments.
A large majority of the population spends most of their life simply going through the motions, on autopilot, on cruise control, worse, in zombie mode, until by the time they realize it and want to make a significant change, it’s too late.

You already know these are unprecedented times.  

Current macro views of the state of the world suggest why we need to exercise agency to create things that matter in our lives and why we need to question everything to gain a deeper sense of awareness of the self and the world around us. Some of these challenges include:
Planetary Negligence
“It’s not that important if it doesn't affect me directly.” And now, well, it is affecting more of us directly, from the fires in Colorado, flash floods in Bangladesh and heat waves across Europe.
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The Great Resignation
Caused by economic volatility fueled by COVID, non-conformist uprise due to increased state enforced regulations on employees, the “be my own boss” movement and rise of the entrepreneurial spirit.
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Rampant burnout
Blended work and personal life lifestyles are creating blurred boundaries and require self-monitoring to avoid burnout due to too much work or too much family or too much “self-love.” The tendency of us being excessive has increased and calling oneself out is becoming more crucial than ever before.
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Exponential Technologies
Crypto is challenging the Federal Reserve and traditional financial systems. AI is challenging the way we work and our educational systems. Blockchain is challenging the concept of authority and governance
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Mental Health Crisis
A sense of isolation in a world of hyper-connectedness is a bizarre situation we find ourselves in with several factors at play.
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We are creators who can influence positive change, if we choose to.

Have you found yourself wanting to have an impact not only in your own life and those around you but humanity and the planet?. These are big goals. You may already have an idea. You may be starting from a blank sheet. You may have already identified what you would like to do to live a life of fulfillment in a sustainable way and often wondered how to achieve all of this. You also know the time is now, to take that leap.

The question is are you ready to shape your life before your time runs out?
The Exponential Individual Initiative is a global community of game changers in human transformation focused on the intersection of collective consciousnesses and exponential technologies. They are now offering early adopters the chance to work with globally experienced coaches, some with over 25 years experience and their personalized break-through 6 week global program starting on 15th of August. 

Supported by a complementary ecosystem of technologists, entrepreneurs and exponential change agents, this specifically created 6 week sprint, will enable you to take the first steps to :


Step into the exponential individual community

What’s the exponential individual initiative about?


Shape Your Life – Shape the Future Jointly with like-minded people – and learn how to do that together!


Do you want to create more meaning in your work and life?

It has became increasingly evident that humanity needs to work together to solve big problems facing the world. The pandemic triggered worldwide self-reflection on the meaning of life, your career and your added value and impact in society.

Have you found yourself wanting to have an impact not only in your life and those around you but humanity and the planet? Do you have big goals? Maybe you have an idea you want to bring to life. Perhaps you have already decided that you want to live a fulfilled life in a sustainable way but aren’t sure how you can achieve this. You may already know that the time is now to take that leap. Are you ready to reshape your life?!

If so, then join us for our Exponential Individuals Sprint Experience! In 6 weeks our promise to you will be:

  • RECOGNIZE and unlock your uniqueness. You already have all the power you need and understand that you are not alone, we can work together.
  • ACTIVATE your new learned insights and the role you want to play in the world
  • CREATE a road map for your entire life
  • ACCELERATE your financially-actionable, holistic, business model you
  • SUSTAIN your balance by accessing the latest tools, methodologies and science
  • TAKE OFF with your newly-designed actionable purpose-driven plan
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