University / PlaygroundThe ExI PlaybookEducation/Awareness
Offer Awake Session + ExI Sprint Development Serve & Grow Community

Generate Playbook Feedback
ForumsMonthly Masterclasses with legends in the fieldConversations with leaders and researchers in this space
Community SupportMaster-mind group

Subgroups - separate projects?

Start centralized - unleash to the community

Top - down - then bottom up

Members operate under the guideline and develop their initiatives

4x4 matrix as an example
Job, what drives us crazy, what get you hired, or fired?
Space for people to connect and support one another
FundCrowdfundingTo commission ongoing research in ExI Reseach & Tech

EXI fund to fund startups to drive EXI?

Incentivize more participation
DAOAchieve sustainability & inclusion through network effect (Metcalfe's law):
Of the MTP for EXI & community/ investor involvement & cooperative ownership
Research in ExI Reseach & TechEXI fund to fund startups aligned in purpose

To commission ongoing research in ExI Reseach & Tech
TechnologyAdventure GameGamify the educational experience of an ExI (meta verse, avatar, etc.) Choose your own adventure, allow to see different perspectives
Experiments with different roles

What role I want to play
- multiple perspectives: politician, shaman in Amazon, business person in China

Reduce fear

Play to Earn on Self-awareness
Toolbox - Build your toolkitGrow community & create ExI Experimenters